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      Open Letter to the Victims of the Dollarcrisis,

      The dollar has brought many good things to this world. But nowadays the Dollar has lost its credibility. Instead of having the status of the good old yankee dollar bill, it has become a decreasingly devaluating peace of paper. I sincerely hope, for you the reader, that it will get its strength back and hope that you personally don’t need to suffer. If I can do anything in order to help you, let me know. These days The Miser (that is me) receives many emails from various people, otherwise they would be stalkers, who ask me if I have a solution for this deepening and world peace threatening crisis. As always: I do.

       ‘Dear and unbelievable lovely smelling Mr. Miser, What is the answer to this crisis? Help us because we are almost, but not completely yet, desperate. No, no, no we are completely desperate. I lied in that sentence because I do not want you to think that I am merely after gaining your sympathy. Has to do with my youth. I was born in Alaska. Anyhow: maybe you, or someone whom you might know, can sent us money or something like that. We are looking forward to your reaction and dollars. Kind regards, Dollarcrisis Victim.’

      I have given this some thought. For at least 3 minutes and 34 seconds I was thinking: what to do? How to help? Sending my dollars wouldn’t be helpful. We need to learn these victims how to fish and how make a fishing rod themselves, instead of giving them fresh fish. That is exactly how we tread the poorest people on this earth. We, the people, have given billions of Euro’s to the almost-gone-broke-banks and countries like Greece. In the meantime we endlessley, and apparently without shame, think of reasons why we should not give more aid to the Third World.  Many countries, like The Netherlands, have cut there relieve funds. They did that because we, the civilians, have great sympathy with the poor and hungry unless they live within our borders. The meaning of the word opprtunism is to be found here (Wikipedia).

      ‘With the poor peole of this earth  I want to share my faith. The streams of the mountains pleases me more than the sea. ‘ Herminio Wilson, Guantanamera.

      Yes there is a crisis and that crisis needs to be dealt with qiuckly. But, like a Miser Nostradamus, I predict that this will be a long and painfull event. What to do in the meantime? A suggestion might be that we complain and try to blame everyone except ourselves.  Maybe some foreigners.
      Or the Democrats. Or the Republicans. Or even maybe both. Why not? The press might be quilty, or the banks and other financial institutions. Let us all feel miserable and depressed until the problem is solved. And let us in the meantime yearn for more.  More stuff, more possesion and more status. Maybe in the meantime we can lent some more money or ask for an extra mortgage .

      But seriousley (‘O? And it seemed such a good plan.’) : this is also a great chance in this day and age to reflect on what we are doing to ourselves, to others and to this planet.

      Maybe this is a good moment to start with being happier with what we have,  instead of what we want.

      Maybe this is a good moment to give to those who really are in need instead of creating more welfare for ourselves.

      May be this is a good moment.

      Listen: I do not want to learn you a lesson. I do not have the right in any way. But there is a growing concern that we who share this planet, except for those guys in the International Space Station (‘He!, How are you doing' up there you guys and dolls?’), need to redevelop our patterns of consumism. Let us start with this moment as the moment where we discovered that less really can be more.

      Let us consume no more than our needs. Let us be satisfied with what we have. And let us take care of each other: no matter how far the distance.

      Take care: share.

      I hope that you, and everyone you love, will live long and prosper.

      The Miser

      (Pssst! Ik ben het hoor mensen: De Vrek)